Easy Mermaid Halloween Tutorial

Easy Mermaid Halloween Tutorial

It's that time of the year where you get to dress up as your favorite character, I've always loved mermaids and always have wanted to do a mermaid look and here it is!!!

First I wanted to find a fishnet that had bigger squares to use as the fins, I had my stockings but the squares are small.

So I went to the dollar store and found a kids costume for $5 because the costume had sleeves that were perfect with the bigger squares that I was looking for, see below:

I used this for the scales on my face and my body, I really liked this size of the scales, which was a lot bigger than my other one.

I made a step by step video that you can enjoy and see how you too can create this look.

I hope this video was helpful and I would like to see your creation. If you have any question please feel free to leave them below.

Below are some pictures of the finished mermaid look.