Facial Cupping

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Facial Cupping increases blood circulation and stimulates the facial cells and is responsible for collagen production.

This can also minimize the appearance of scars, fine lines and wrinkles and can also decrease puffiness.

To get the best result, let us first talk about the do?s and don?ts of Facial Cupping to avoid major redness.


Don?t let it sit in one place for more than 4 seconds.

Don?t do it on any place where you have broken capillaries

If you have anemia or are prone to bruising, please consult with your doctor first before trying facial cupping.

Don?t pull the suction cup from the top when trying to release it from your face, instead press or squeeze the bottom of the cup to release the cup from your face.

Don?t use it if you have botox, wait until it has completely gone away.


Use a high quality oil on your face and neck before using the cup.

If you are just starting to use facial cupping, don?t use a high suction but instead do a low suction.

Use the lymphatic pathways.

How To Do The Facial Cupping

First apply an oil serum on clear skin, put on your face, neck and chest or whatever part of your body you will be working on.

Next you can start on the middle of your chest and move it towards your armpit. Then continue to do the same on the opposite side. Repeat these steps 3 times each.

Once you have done the chest area you can put the cup in the center of your chin and glide it up the jaw and up towards the ear. When done, repeat this motion 3 times and then do the opposite side.

Then place the cup on above the top lip and glide it out towards the ear, repeat 3 times and then do the opposite side.

Next place the cup under your eye and slide it upwards the outer corner of your eye and slightly circle 3 times. The repeat on the opposite side

Then place the cup under the front of your eyebrow and move it towards the end of your eyebrow and do a circle motion about 3 times, repeat 3 times and then do the opposite site.

Then place the cup in the center between your eyebrows and leave it there for about 3 seconds and then slide it up towards your hair. Repeat 3 times.

Place the cup in the center of the forehead and move it towards the brow, gliding it towards the temple and going down just above the ear. Repeat 3 times and then do the opposite side.

The best time to do facial cupping is at night, I like to do it twice a month. You can do it once a week if you would like.