Nutrient Deficient | Causing Food Cravings

There are many reasons why we could be having sugar cravings. One of those reasons could be

because we are nutrient deficient.

Everyone is designed differently but all bodies need certain nutrients and some people need more than others.

These nutrients are important for our bodies to function optimally. Each body has various needs and is

uniquely designed to utilize essential nutrients in our foods to achieve a state of balance and optimal


This is why when our bodies are depleted of an essential nutrient, we start to have a specific food


When I was deficient in Iron, I would crave ?DIRT?, I know this may sound crazy but it?s true and when

going to my doctor he said it was normal for those who are deficient in Iron to crave dirt.

When we have sugar cravings, when we crave bread, candy, soda, processed foods, etc. this is because

SUGAR is an ingredient in all of these food and SUGAR is disguised under the names corn syrup,

molasses, sorbitol, maltodextrin or evaporated cane juice, sugar is infamous for sneaking into our lives

and wreaking havoc on our health, memory and mood.

If you are craving certain foods, you might be nutrient deficient in certain nutrients, I put below the top 3:

Chocolate - you may be deficient in Magnesium Candy/Sweets - you may be deficient in Chromium

Salty Foods - you may be deficient in Zinc, manganese, selenium, copper and iodine.

As a Raw Vegan I make sure to take B12 and D3. These are environmental nutrients that we need and

can not get from a raw food diet.


The best way to ensure that we are getting all the nutrients we need as a raw vegan is to eat the

rainbow, this means that we eat plenty of fruits, veggies, greens, microgreens, sprouts, nuts and seeds.

Even after incorporating all of the above into our diet, to be on the safe side for me I take a vegan

multivitamin along with my vitamin B12 and D3.

I go to my doctor once a year and get my blood tested, to check and see that I am getting everything I

need, if I am missing something, I know what I need to incorporate into my diet.

Everyone is different so make sure that you go to your doctor and see what YOU are lacking and then

work on getting more of that into your raw vegan diet.