The Reward Cycle

We tend to want instant gratification (NOW) and that is all that matters when we are having a craving.

We want that pizza that is quick and fast for me to pick up on my way home (NOW).

We want to have that Dopamine hit (NOW). We want to feel full and satisfied (NOW).

Us thinking about the CONSEQUENCES really doesn?t matter to us right NOW.

Thinking of the consequences of eating the pizza doesn?t matter and that will not stop us from eating the pizza.


WHAT WE NEED TO DO IS SHIFT OUR MINDS Let's say I am having a pizza craving.

What I need to do is NOT THINK about the pizza, don?t think about the negative or positive things about the pizza.

Switch your mind and think about your raw vegan soup or salad and think about all the positive, instant gratifications (NOW) that you will get by eating your soup or salad, example:

I will enjoy eating this warm raw vegan soup (NOW).

I will be keeping a promise to myself that I would eat healthier foods (NOW).

I will be setting a good example for friends and family (NOW).

I will be a good example to my followers on social media and encourage them to do the same (NOW).

I will be full and satisfied after eating my soup (NOW). I will be able to sleep well tonight (NOW), and so on!

By saying this to yourself you will be letting your mind know that you will get instant gratifications (NOW) by choosing to eat the raw vegan soup.

I hope you try this method, please let me know what you think.