What Are Sprout and Micro-greens?


So what exactly is sprouting? What exactly are sprouts and microgreens?

First let?s talk about sprouts, sprouting is the practice of germinating seeds.

Some Types of seeds that you can germinate are:






All seeds are basically dormant but are brought to LIFE when soaked in water and rinsed about 2 to 3 times per day.

No worries about adding sunlight or having to find a spot in your home where there is sunlight because they require NONE.

The sprouts are also filled with nutrients, this is why you should incorporate sprouts into your life because they are so nutritious.

Depending on your seed, it may take about 7 day or so before they are fully ready for you to consume.

Once ready you can eat them as they are or you can put them in smoothie, salads and smoothie bowls.


Microgreens are young sprouts that keep maturing for a week or two longer AND in different conditions.

Mircorgreens NEED:

Sunlight or grow lamps

Soil or hydroponics system

And water

After about a week or so the microgreens will run out of their energy source and in order for them to keep growing they are going to need Sunlight to start photosynthesizing.

Microgreens are about 4 inches in hieght.

You know when a microgreen is a MICROGREEN when it starts to sprout it?s true leaves.

The first set of microgreen leaves are called the Cotyledons, these come from the seeds embryo, the second set of leaves that grow are known as the True Leaves.

So when you see the second set of leaves appear then you know it is a microgreen.

You can eat the leaves and stems on the microgreens.

Microgreens are also loaded with nutrients.

Both are easy to grow and don?t require much space in your home.

I love eating microgreens and sprouts, they are a big part of my diet.

Let me know below if you to love them.